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Direct Shot vs Buttonmash by mizuki12341
MMDxMLP  Sorrowful, Regretful Thumbnail by mizuki12341
Happy Birthday Cora by mizuki12341
MLPxMMD Comic-Trixie Mocks Twilight by mizuki12341
Pony Models Download
[MMD] Flitter + DL by Sparkiss-Pony
[MMD] Cloud Chaser + DL by Sparkiss-Pony
[MMD] Cheerilee + DL by Sparkiss-Pony
[MMD] Starlight Glimmer + DL by Sparkiss-Pony
Hair Eyes Bases and Clothing Downloads
MMD Anthro Pony Faces WIP (facials needed) by CrazedVampireGirl
Dragon Eyes dl by Cougi
MMD Newcomer HQ Male Earth Pony Base + DL by Valforwing
MMD mohawk hair+DL by Sefina-NZ
Stage Downloads
Kohsaka Town + DL by Valforwing
Station of Create + DL by Valforwing
Risembool by Valforwing
Station of Crusaders + DL by Valforwing
Accessory Downloads
MMD+M3Acc.: Discord's Chocolate Milk of Glass + DL by The-Horrible-Mu
Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness + DL by Valforwing
The Doctor's Pear + DL by Valforwing
Red Pony Couch + DL by Valforwing
Human model downloads
Dear Princess Celestia by Kukla-Factory
[MMD Newcomer] Shining Armor - Wedding by Pharaoh-Yami
I will protect you by Pharaoh-Yami
Pony ponies
I Won't Let AnyPony Have My Senpai-Yandere Chan by mizuki12341
Miraculous MLP Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir by mizuki12341
MMDxMLP Unintentional Mizuki Impression by mizuki12341
Happy Birthday Joe by mizuki12341
Sketches and artwork
Lyrabon by Sparkiss-Pony
Sad by The-Horrible-Mu
[EqWrestlia] Muffins by The-Horrible-Mu
Smile HD - OC Yoki Warai by MarleneMD
MMD Mlp Self Model Help by mizuki12341
Alpony Elric by Valforwing
doctor whoof mmd comparison by Valforwing
Discord WiP by Valforwing
wip male base 2 by Valforwing


Twilight's House +DL by Valforwing Twilight's House +DL :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 62 68 Dr. Whooves 9th Doctor by Valforwing Dr. Whooves 9th Doctor :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 23 2 MLP MMD Scale by Valforwing MLP MMD Scale :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 12 6 Mai MMD moodle by PrincEsSHeArTLarCie Mai MMD moodle :iconprincessheartlarcie:PrincEsSHeArTLarCie 11 14 Fourth Doctor Pony + DL by Valforwing Fourth Doctor Pony + DL :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 26 9 Filly Pony Base + DL by Valforwing Filly Pony Base + DL :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 101 18 Cutie Mark Crusaders MMD by Valforwing Cutie Mark Crusaders MMD :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 33 28 Female Pony Base + DL by Valforwing Female Pony Base + DL :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 237 130 Rainbow Dash Set + DL by Valforwing Rainbow Dash Set + DL :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 97 38 Pony Creator Full Version by generalzoi Pony Creator Full Version :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 83,315 5,822 Scootaloo is bestaloo by xEmBeRx Scootaloo is bestaloo :iconxemberx:xEmBeRx 11 7

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Rule #1
follow the MMD guidlines and rules of each model maker. I understand that some people will make mistakes, but repeated submissions of illegal edits or something that does not follow a modelers rules will get you banned from the group, and any such deviations deleted from it. here is the… about model editing and redistribution rules
Rule #2
Do not put advertize doing commission models unless you make said models from scratch
Rule #3
No Drama, be nice to each other
Rule #4
please put things in the correct folder if there is no folder that is appropriate please message me so one can be made
Rule #5
Credit Credit Credit if there isn't credits, a link to them or clearly stating you are trying to find the credit your deviation will be deleted

Rules subject to change










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toychica3216 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
were do you get cutemark?
Howdy Howdy,

I came to request some help in exporting a model into MMD. I built it in blender, and so on, Exported it to both the PMD and PMX file types from blender, PMD I had less luck with.

When I tried to open it in MMD the PMD(Compiled from blender) file was pure white.

I then opened it in PMX(the editor), and managed to get the texture on it, but when I exported all I got was an "X" file.

I stuck the PMX(Compiled from blender) file into MMD and it showed up, and then didn't.

so anyone whose willing to properly explain it to me is appreciated.

I did something and it slightly works now, but still It's not up the standard I see other MMD files, so I am till looking for the assist. 
3DWyld Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
This is gonna sound stupid but I am a newbie - What is MMD?
mattwo Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's a bunch of non-downloads and stored deviations in the humanized download folder.
XGluon Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
Hey. I just have to say, somebody rigged a ton of these models.

You can find them here:

The set includes:
*Twilight Sparkle
*Pinkie Pie (and Pinkamena)
*Rainbow Dash
*Derpy Hooves
*Bon Bon

I've gotten all of them to work in MMD, except for Derpy's model. It seems fine in PMX editor, but when I load it in MMD, MMD crashes. ;_;

I just thought that you guys should know about this.
XGluon Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013

Late reply, but I found out who rigged them.


The image with the info is here.


And I think it may be worth mentioning that the Twilight model does not have wings.

zenimoonchild Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
I have a few pony model edits
had some silly blog rant about india blossom
saying it was a pony oc

in fact posted the model and the my little pony
image I based her colors from
got alot of faves on it
the link

some one added my mermaid pony base here can you please move it to model bases
GorixtheG Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
yesh! pony models for mmd! where would I go to request an OC?
Luchalu Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Can anyone make a model for my MLP OC, DJ Sarah? [link]
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